Kim Sae-ron

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Kim Sae-ron

Postby Night457 » Sun Oct 17, 2021 1:20 am  1 likes

This is a thread devoted to Korean actress Kim Sae-ron. I will provide a brief list of her films, TV shows and videos, with as many links to content as I have available. Other fans are invited to contribute pics, clips, interviews or anything else they come across.

I will start with links to all her films up through her teenage years. Further posts in the coming days will cover her TV work. As of July 31, 2021 she is 21 years and well past her FLM years. Thank you Sae-ron for your wonderful childhood roles!


Filmography sources:

01. [REL] A Brand New Life (2009) Original title: Yeo-haeng-ja
02. [REL] The Man From Nowhere (2010) Original title: Ajeossi
03. [REL] Na-neun Abba-da AKA I Am a Dad (2011)
04. [REL] Ba-Bi AKA Barbie (2011)
05. [REL] I-ut saram AKA The Neighbors (2012)
06. [REL] Chamgwansueob AKA Observation Class AKA Visiting Class (2013) [short]
07. [REL] Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits (2013) [documentary with dramatic reenactments by Sae-ron]
08. [REL]Dohee-ya AKA: A Girl at My Door (2014)
09. [REL] Maen-hol AKA Manhole (2014)
10. [REL]Nun-gil AKA Snowy Road (2015)
11. Daebaewoo AKA The Great Actor (2016)
NOT really FLM material. This only features young children for a few minutes in small roles, and Kim Sae-ron's cameo is only one minute! [See next post for links anyway.]
12. Dongnesaramdeul AKA The Villagers (2018)
NOT really FLM material. Kim Sae-ron is now 18 years old here, and there are only brief bit parts for any actresses who might be younger. [See next post for links anyway.]
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby Night457 » Sun Oct 17, 2021 1:21 am  4 likes

These are NOT FLM RELeases. They are links for the curious. See previous post.

The Great Actor (2016) Original title: Daebaewoo
A breakthrough opportunity comes when internationally - renowned director Park announces an open call for his new film, and Jang begins intense preparation for the role of his life.

This black comedy about a not particularly good actor struggling in unappreciated stage roles reminds me of The King of Comedy (1982). There are multiple parodies of movies that character actor Oh Dal-su has been in, as well as a satirical portrayal of a director he has worked for multiple times -- and may not work for again! The children's roles are limited, although ultimately important is the character of his 9-year-old son. Kim Sae-ron makes only a brief guest appearance.

720p Korean with optional English subitles:
Like this post to see ed2k links  [1.53 Gb]
Like this post to see ed2k links  [96.4 Kb]

The Villagers (2018) Original title: Dongnesaramdeul
AKA Ordinary People AKA The Neighbors
Gi Cheol begins work as a contract gym teacher at a high school in a quiet countryside village. He feels weird because a female high school student went missing, but nobody in the village seems to care. Only Yoo Jin, who is the missing girl's friend, is sure that her friend has been kidnapped. Yoo Jin and GiCheol work together to find the missing girl, but Gi Cheol learns that traces of the missing girl are disappearing.

Ma Dong-seok (aka Don Lee) once again appears with Kim Sae-ron in a movie sometimes called 'The Neighbors', although different than their 2012 outing. He is absolutely adorable as a burly ex-boxer constantly bullied by everyone around him. He only throws punches when he has to. Sae-ron is 18 here, playing a high school senior in the female lead role, so she has plenty of screen time. She is even now at 21 still playing high school students, but nevertheless this does not qualify as an FLM film.

1080p Korean with optional English subtitles:
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On to the television work tomorrow ...
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby ghost » Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:21 am  0 likes

Thank you, Night457. :)

It's good to have anoverview of her fillms. I really do like her a lot.
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby Night457 » Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:24 am  0 likes


Main roles are indicated.
Some TV shows she has guest roles and only appears in a few episodes.
Episodes are indicated if known.
(Those are best watched only if they look interesting without her. Seriously.
A sensible person would sample a few episodes before going all out on the whole series.)
Many of these are trashy junk soap operas! They are very addictive and entertaining, if also stupid and unbelievable. (Just like American soap operas.) Some of these series I collected on expensive bootleg burned DVD sets on eBay before I discovered I could download them. Duh.

These sites are the best sources for links to cast and descriptions for the series:

Video streaming links are to English-subtitled episodes unless otherwise indicated.
dramacool, dramanice, and kissasia have multiple domains.
(For example, I have seen kissasian .ac .cc .nz .sh .si !)
Some of them disappear, and some do not work with VPNs.
The other domains can be found with Google search if one domain does not work.


2021 The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim - [Main role]

2020 Nobody Knows - (Ep.1-3, 13)

2019 Leverage - [Main role]

2019 Love Playlist: Season 4 - [Main role]

2016 Mirror of the Witch aka Secret Healer - [Main role]

2015 Glamorous Temptation

2015 To Be Continued - [Main role]

2014 Hi! School - Love On - [Main role]

2013 The Queen's Classroom - [Main role]

2012 Missing You aka I Miss You - (Ep. 11, voice)

2012 What is Mom aka Mom is Acting Up
This comedy series seems to have disappeared. There are the first two subitled episodes and lots of clips on sites like Youtube or Vimeo. There are also 4 more unsubtitled, out of a total of 27.

2012 I Need Romance 2 aka In Need of Romance 2012 (Eps. 12 & 13)

2012 Fashion King

2011 Heaven's Garden ['Support' role in all episodes. I consider it a Main role, dammit.]
This used to be at one of the above-linked sites, but not anymore! What the hell!
I first saw this English subtitled on Netflix years ago, and it is still there. Fantastic show!

At FLM here, with synced English subtitles:
RAW unsubtitled here:
English subtitles here:

2011 Can You Hear My Heart

Specials and TV Shows to come later ... and in later posts I will recommend which are the very best series, well worth watching. I have sifted through all the garbage, so to speak, and found some real gems.
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby Nasuada » Mon Oct 18, 2021 5:02 pm  1 likes

I find the thread quite exciting right now, because I already saw the movie "A brand new life" here a few days ago (when I was looking for Korean movies) and remembered that I had seen this movie in 2009 at my favorite festival. Now I find this very thread here and stumble upon this film again. Unfortunately I don't remember if the actress was there at the festival and since it was only my second festival visit in a row, I wasn't as professional at autograph hunting as I am today. Just got out the movie ticket from back then and there is unfortunately no signature on it... Too bad.
Interesting that it was her first film that I saw there. I still remember the story very well and I have learned over time that films from the Asian region can be very depressing / profound, but also very unversändlich for me, what I owe the other life culture that I still can not fully understand (but would like). But there are also other films such as from the director Yoon Ga-eun (The world of us), which I like very much.
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby Night457 » Fri Oct 22, 2021 12:07 am  0 likes

Here are the Specials and (Reality) TV Shows, where Kim Sae-ron mostly only appears in a few episodes. Each entry indicates Main Role, Cameo or Guest. Each also says whether the episodes are English subtitled or NOT subtitled.

This is where the casual Kim Sae-ron fans are separated from the obsessives. (Guess which I am!)

Descriptions for the individual shows can be found at mydramalist. Follow the links here:

dramacool, dramanice, kissasian, asianembed and ondemandkorea links are for an entire season, from which individual episodes can be downloaded. YouTube links are for individual episodes.


2021 Drama Special Season 12: Girls - [Main role]
not yet aired, coming in November or December 2021?

2018 Broject - (Cameo only, Ep. 2)
English subtitled

2015 Snowy Road - [Main role]
English subtitled
broadcast in 2 parts on TV, was released complete theatrically in 2017
[REL]Nun-gil AKA Snowy Road (2015)

TV Shows (AKA "Reality TV Shows")

2021- City Fishers 3 AKA City Fishermen 3 (Guest Fisher - Ep. 3,4,21 + ongoing)
NOT subtitled! Also on Youtube - see details for 2017 City Fishers (has all episodes so far) (has all episodes so far) (has all episodes so far) (has all episodes so far)

2021 Hurrah for Independence AKA Alone Nice - (Guest, Ep. 9&10)
NOT subtitled!
I can not figure out if these are episodes or clips. They have Kim Sae-ron in them:

2020 I AM SOMI: MY COMEBACK STORY | Special Episode (Guest)
English and other subtitles

2020 Bo-ra Cafe - (Guest, Ep. 8)
English subtitled

2020 On and Off - (Guest, Ep.19-20)
NOT subtitled!

2019-21 City Fishers 2 AKA City Fishermen 2 (Guest Fisher - Ep. 39,40,42)
NOT subtitled! Also on Youtube - see details for 2017 City Fishers (has all episodes) (has all episodes) (has all episodes) (has all episodes)

2017-19 City Fishers AKA City Fisherman - (Guest Fisher - Ep. 64, 71-75, 100,104)
NOT subtitled! Also on Youtube. (missing episode 64) (missing episode 64) (missing episode 64) (has all episodes)
Episode 64:
Individual episodes can be searched on Youtube in Korean. For example:
도시어부 64회 = City Fisherman 64 Episode (episode 64)
도시어부2 39회 = City Fishermen 2 39 Episode (season 2 episode 39)
Or episodes with Kim Sae-ron can be searched:
도시어부김새론 = City Fishermen Kim Sae-ron
This will also give results for short excerpts featuring Kim Sae-ron, if a 90 minute plus fishing show is too much!

2016 Let's Eat Dinner Together - (Guest, Ep. 104)
English subtitled

2015 Knowing Bros AKA Ask Us Anything - (Guest, Ep. 153)
English subtitled

2007 Happy Together: Season 3 - (Guest, Ep. 364)
English subtitled

2005 Show! Music Core [2015-2017 Main Host] ONGOING LIVE MUSIC SHOW.
English subtitled for the hosts (not the singing) on most 2015-to-present episodes.
I have not downloaded or watched any episodes, so I don't know exactly what episodes she hosted. Page includes showdates. Page does NOT include showdates.
Unsubtitled clips can be found on YouTube with Korean or English searches:
쇼! 음악중심 김새론
show! Music Core Kim Sae-ron

I have downloaded all the Reality TV Shows except for "Show! Music Core", but I have only 'watched' the unsubtitled "City Fishers" episodes. It is noisy with lots of whooping and hollering, and is good for having on in the background while I am working on my computer. If I actually watched it I would probably be bored.
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby Night457 » Sat Nov 20, 2021 9:48 pm  0 likes

One of Kim Sae-ron's best TV series here:

[REL] Cheonsangui hwawon AKA Heaven's Garden (TV 2011-2012) [South Korea]

If you are not too hardened and bitterly cynical, you might like it. Check it out!
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Re: Kim Sae-ron

Postby Infinity » Sun Nov 21, 2021 2:50 pm  1 likes

What an awesome thread, thanks for sharing! :D

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