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Re: Starlets Nude List

Postby Triela » Thu Sep 09, 2021 2:54 am  0 likes

Rimaaqable wrote:Just wondering about Julie Delarme in Love Sex and Math 1997. The list says 15 at time of filming but Wikipedia gives her age as 23 April 1978, so was it filmed much earlier than 1997?

Just check out the list in my signature.

According to iMDb, filming took place between 1-05-1996 and 31-07-1996, and so, given her birth date, this makes Julie Delarme 18 years, 3 month and eight days old, when they wrapped up shooting, so... ... tion_dates

There are loads of examples in that Donna's DVD list which are a bit, shall we say, optimistic about those girls' ages and lists them as younger than they really were......
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