[REQ] Emily of New Moon, TV Series (1998– )

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[REQ] Emily of New Moon, TV Series (1998– )

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Probably this is an easy one, maybe even it's already posted (but the Search applet didn't find it).
Season 1 seems to be complete on YouTube, but the remaining seasons seem to be missing.

My eMule found links for many episodes but many are missing, mostly from seasons 2 & 4.
And those found are dowloading very slowly (just one episode completed in one month) or not downloading at all.
I blame my Low ID, but I can't fix it (I'm behind a firewall).

Thanks in advance!

Well by now I've watched season 1 complete (downloaded from YT) and enjoyed it a lot.
Season 2 seems to be blocked in my country:
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Re: [REQ] Emily of New Moon, TV Series (1998– )

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I'll look into it. thanks for the heads up

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Re: [REQ] Emily of New Moon, TV Series (1998– )

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IMDb wrote:Set in Prince Edward Island at the turn of the century, "Emily of New Moon" follows Emily Starr, an imaginative young girl who aspires to be a famous writer. When her beloved father dies, her happy life is turned upside down. Her deceased mother's relatives draw lots to determine who would have the burden of taking Emily into their home. It is decided that Emily would live at New Moon with rigid Aunt Elizabeth, timid Aunt Laura and odd Cousin Jimmy. Helped by her overactive imagination and some new friends, Emily slowly adjusts to life at her new home.
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Re: [REQ] Emily of New Moon, TV Series (1998– )

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There is on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... gVZ8oEiM5d It works with VPN of Canada.
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Re: [REQ] Emily of New Moon, TV Series (1998– )

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Thanks. I can even acccess it without a Canadian IP.
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