Merry Christmas Music Playlist for you

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Merry Christmas Music Playlist for you

Post by Nasuada »   2 likes

It's Christmas Time and if I'm informed correctly, it's also time for gifting.

My idea for this forum is, to post a little Playlist with selected Christmas Songs, singed by cute little christmas angels.

Have some nice days.

Mădălina Stoian - Iarnă, cât te-am Aşteptat
One of my oldest favorites (over 10 years ago now) from the Moldavia Universe. This Video is not longer available on YT for a long time, but I found it today on dailymotion so I'm happy to share my most fav. with you

4 Year Old Sings Where Are You Christmas
Another long time fav. from me.

Mimi x Tia - Wreck This Christmas
I found it today and the clip is funny to watch

Andreea Bejan (TiGi Academy) – Candy Cane Lane
One of my favorite Girls but...

Victoria Untilov (SISNBRO) - Candy Cane Lane
... this girl is blowing out my mind. So I need to post the same song twice. Sorry.

Malevanciuc Daria - De Crăciun

Masha Botnaru (Lollipops) - My only wish this year
For a long time Masha was my top Favorite on Gurinel. Now she's a teen and left my AoA, but I still like to watching her in the old Clips.

Feyzana Yilmaz (SISNBRO) - Merry Christmas Everyone
In some ways Feyzana is special for me. So it's nice to have a Christmas Song with her.

Roberta Viale (TiGi Academy) – Ho Ho Ho
There are some Covers in the Gurinel World availabe, but this version is my fav. I like the Voice of her and especially the Background Dancers

BOOM KIDS - Anul Nou
Not the most creative Song in my eyes but lot of cute Girls and nice looking dance performance

Amelia & Valentin Uzun & Orchestra Tharmis - Vine Anul Nou (Official Video)
Amelia Uzun is a very cute girl and her Voice is absolutly outstanding. Search on YT for other Songs of her... For example Revedere

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Re: Merry Christmas Music Playlist for you

Post by Sully23 »   0 likes

Adela Bors - Feliz Navidad.
He sings some fragments in English.
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Re: Merry Christmas Music Playlist for you

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Re: Merry Christmas Music Playlist for you

Post by pillowbaker »   0 likes

WOW what a lovely Christmas gift! Thank you Nasuada (and Sully, too)!

This is a very busy time of the year for me (like for everyone I suppose), but I will take the time to enjoy this before Christmas. :D
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Re: Merry Christmas Music Playlist for you

Post by marvingray »   0 likes

Was wondering where this thread went, there were still a few vids I wanted to download, lol. Thanks, Nasuada.

Edit Masha Botnaru and Andreaa Beejan are my favorites, how cute! Feyzana Yilmaz has good English pronunciation.
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