Juunt Pastaza entsari (2022) [Portugal]

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Juunt Pastaza entsari (2022) [Portugal]

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Juunt Pastaza entsari AKA Waters of Pastaza (2022) [Portugal]

A group of Achuar children moves through the endless green. Along the course of the Pastaza river, on the border between Ecuador and Peru, they catch fish, hunt and cook, play with lianas and watch videos on their smartphones.

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Re: Juunt Pastaza entsari (2022) [Portugal]

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Re: Juunt Pastaza entsari (2022) [Portugal]

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This documentation is very interesting if you are living in a western society, because it's deliver a lot of freedom feeling with so much silent parts and simple things to have joy in the life of a child.
It's a live beyond consumption, constant availability and social media and Paw Patrol.

In this movie are the kids in focus, Adults are very rare.

I still remember me on some scenes of this movie, who I watched last year in the cinema.

Here are some examples:

The children climbed a banana tree with a huge machete in their hands like little monkeys to get a snack for the jungle walk.

Or in the monsoon-like rain, they played a relaxed game of soccer in the village.

The children all help to take care of each other, no matter what age they are. The big ones always take care of the smallest ones and always watch out for them, cook for them too.

If you like a view on a complete different culture, you are be right with that movie.
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