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Re: Movie scenes

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Please people do not post fan-edited scene clips, particularly ones that focus on so-called "sensitivecontent", such as is carefully detailed here:

Such clips will be removed. I do not have the time to trawl through the old threads that may have those clips. In new posts I won't download any such ed2k links, either. I will simply take my best guess of their content based on the context of the surrounding posts, and act accordingly.

Occasionally a DVD will have run-of-the-mill Deleted Scenes, most of which are edited out from the movie because of runtime or story flow. If they are of interest then those can be posted if you wish, once we actually have the whole movie.

FLM is for discussing and posting Childhood Movies. It is not for collecting a "Greatest Hits" (so to speak) of provocative scenes. Go to sites like 4chan for that.

Thank you! Everyone have fun here, but keep it clean!
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