[REL] Dia Bande (2011) [Germany]

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[REL] Dia Bande (2011) [Germany]

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https://www.filmfriend.de/de/movies/71a ... 12711c4962

Translated from German:
Film off for the gang of six girls who conquer a dusty attic for themselves. Charlotte, Jule, Lene, Kaya, Anna and Lisa want to tell a story. They have the camera with them. But a story about what? About monsters and mummies in the forest or rather about giant cats? The voices swirl around until Anna suggests making a film about her gang. About friendship and how it is put to the test. It's quickly scribbled into the script, "We're a gang," and in the attic the girls' imaginary world begins to interweave with the observations of the "adult" film crew.

The heroine of the story is Lisa (she is in "real" life, too, heroically removing a spider from the camera girl's back). Yet she is teased because she is the youngest. She runs away and gets lost, her friends search for her, only after a dark night she is found. The friendship is saved - laughing, the girls shout: "One for all and all for one!"

Susanne Schulz has succeeded in making a film that is just as lively and lively as the 10-year-old girls. "Die Bande" reminds us of the carefree world of "being a kid," which is not so carefree when you're in it. In addition to the self-shot footage of the gang members, the film also shows situations in which the girls get into each other's hair, make up again and fool around. In the end, the impression remains: this really is the best gang in the world. (Luc-Carolin Ziemann, Source: DOK Leipzig)
On Vimeo with hardcoded English subtitles: https://vimeo.com/189474909

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