[REL] Tito e gli alieni / Little Tito and the Aliens (2017)

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[REL] Tito e gli alieni / Little Tito and the Aliens (2017)

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I present Tito e gli alieni with English subtitles! This one took a lot of work and there are many people to credit. Thank you so much to everyone involved.
  • Audio synchronized to video by jaygator
  • Subtitles by jpf and myself
  • The first subtitle track is for non-English parts only
  • The second subtitle track is for the entire film, including English parts
  • The video has hardcoded German subtitles during the intro and once or twice when computer monitors are shown. There are NO hardcoded subtitles for spoken dialog
  • The subtitles were created with the help of Whisper AI
Tito e gli alieni
Little Tito and the Aliens

Professor Biondi is a depressed scientist. After his wife's death, he lives isolated from the world in the Nevada desert, near Area 51. He supposedly works on a top-secret project for the US government, but in actuality, he spends his days on the couch, listening to the sound of the Universe. His only contact with the outside world is Stella, who organizes alien-themed weddings for tourists on the prowl for extra-terrestrials. One day the Professor receives a message from Naples: his dying brother is entrusting him with his two children, so that they may live with him in America.



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The WEB-DL version is available for download at TNT. I also posted the DE audio as a separate download.
https://the.nextthing.club/showthread.p ... #pid189957
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Re: [REL] Tito e gli alieni / Little Tito and the Aliens (2017)

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Right on! I love seeing these projects. I understand how much work they can be! Thanks big time for these subs, DreamScape, and to ghost and everyone at TNT for the additional work!
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