[REQ] Riddle of Fire (2023)

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[REQ] Riddle of Fire (2023)

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Plot & Review
https://www.anothermag.com/design-livin ... on-razooli
Review from IMDB User
No one makes kids movies like this anymore. The only kid's movies you see made nowadays are animated. This movie just makes you leave the theater with a smile on your face. Beautiful on the big screen especially the night scenes, even more impressive knowing this is probably not a big budget film. Can't wait to see it in the US theaters. Gorgeous cinematography using authentic 16 mm film.

This takes you back in time with its nostalgic feel. This film is on the lines of Stand by me and Goonies.

The dance scene is memorable playing the favorite "Baby Come Back".

You can't go wrong when you Colby any kids movie with dirt bikes, paintball guns, and a classic bad guy in big John Redeye.
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Re: Riddle of Fire (2023) [USA]

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Oh this looks promising! Thanks for bringing this here, Devil❧

Stand By Me and Goonies, and a report that this one harkens back to an earlier style of filming children's movies. Some pretty tall claims nowadays. For now, it has my attention.
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Re: [REQ] Riddle of Fire (2023)

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Can we put that post to Request?

[MODERATOR EDIT: Moved thread to REQUESTS, as requested.]

Here are a bit more stuff:
Interview with the Kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKKbRaLKFvY

and Trailer / Teaser:

Another Plot:
Three mischievous children on dirt bikes, armed with paint guns and cocky attitudes, launch an attack at a local warehouse, outwitting a security guard and “liberating” the very latest video game console for themselves in the process. But when they get home to play, they encounter one big problem: Mom’s set an airtight password on the TV. Thus begins an epic quest to discover the password, with the kids finding themselves on an odyssey more exciting than anything they could have found onscreen.

Harkening back to classic ‘80s adventure films like THE GOONIES, where the kids faced real peril and a little cursing was no big deal, RIDDLE OF FIRE is a feel-good ride that clearly owes a lot to its influences but manages to feel fresh at the same time. This is due to the strong choices of writer-director Weston Razooli, who has created an immersive, singular world with no detail gone unchecked, from the stylish title cards to the dreamy set design to the perfectly retro synth soundtrack.

RIDDLE OF FIRE isn’t really a kids movie — even though it’s a movie kids could watch — but it is perfectly targeted at an audience that grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons and riding bikes unsupervised until nightfall, and who might be a little nostalgic for some real-life RPG magic. (LISA DREYER)
Source: https://2023.fantasticfest.com/films/64 ... 00504ec6ca
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