IMDB Scout Mod - instantly search many sites

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IMDB Scout Mod - instantly search many sites

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I should have shared this a year or so ago.

Imagine you've found out about a movie you're interested in watching or downloading. So you go about searching ALL your usual places, one at a time. Oh, but what if you could search all of them all at once in just a few seconds?

If you're like me, then the first you'll search for any movie will be with this.

For those that haven't already heard about it, please try out the IMDB Scout Mod, an auto-search userscript for your browser, specifically designed to search for films. It places the links in the upper side of the film's IMDB page, using the logos of the websites in which it searches to present the links. If there are results, the border of the image is green. If not, it is gray. (sometimes it's yellow and that indicates something else, I guess.) The script is still supported/updated.

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It installs NEARLY as easily as a browser extension, with an extra step-and-a-half:

- IMDB Scout Mod is a userscript, so you will need a browser extension that runs these scripts. Most are open source and small, with minimal impact. Think of them as "script managers", which will allow you to modify, tweak, or customize the function of your browser and the websites you use with it. Specifically, it supports "Violentmonkey, Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, Greasemonkey v3 & Greasemonkey for Pale Moon." I use Tampermonkey. Install one of them.

- Then go to the Scout Mod's main page. Click on "Install this script". (at this time, it is version 20.0)

- Afterwards, a settings panel will pop up and ask you to customize which sites you'd like to search. This panel also allows you to customize IMDB's general appearance and how you would like your results presented. Some search results are specific to certain "lines/bars", so to get them to show up, you have to "Enable" 2nd and 3rd search bars. You may have to experiment with it a little, but I promise it's not too hard. At the very bottom of the panel, click Save and then Close, or "revert to defaults" if you wish. You only have to do this step once, then the search is automated.

Like this:


- Now when you load a film's IMDB page, you may have a few popups from your script manager, asking if it is ok for the Scout Mod to access EACH WEBSITE's domains. Click "Allow permanently", one at a time, for all of them. :P

- Then, search for a movie on IMDB. Note the extra logo images at the top:


- Click on them (or right-click, open new window) to display results.


And then dig around:



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I have my Scout Mod searching for BTdig, BTFG, 1337x, Rutracker, solidtorrents, a few private torrent sites, youtube, tubi, etc, AND opensubs and a few other subtitle sites. Uloz used to work with it as well.

On the script's github page, there are instructions on how to add your own sites. I will look into it and add BK, TNT (if permissible), vimeo, and FLM. Or I'll ask the mod author to add them in his net update.

The github page mentions Purfview. That name seem familiar with anyone? I don't think this is the mod author, but someone who enabled some of its functionality.
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